Google Maps


What could your students learn/show/do with these?

MapCrunch: Random Google Street View

Naples, Italy in Street View

How To Resources

Let's Explore!

  • Google Maps Layers: Photos, Videos, Webcams, Wikipedia, User-created Maps (type in location in the Search Maps box and select User-created maps in the Show Search Options drop down menu to the right of the Search Maps box)
  • Creative Commons-licensed media

Let's Find!

  1. One user-created map (example: type Buenos Aires or Paris, France in the Google Search box)
  2. One street view (we'll use our friendly little orange Google Guy who is on the top left of our map)
  3. One video, picture and article (*make sure you have selected photos, video and wikipedia under the More menu in the map area)

While exploring:

  • Your home (see if you can view your home in street view)
  • The Louvre
  • Rome

Let's Explore!

Questions to prime the pump:

  1. What kinds of media could we use?
  2. How could we use them?
  3. How could we use these interactive maps to enhance our standards-based curriculum?
  4. How could we use this tool to support the learning styles and abilities of all our students?
  5. How could we use them as an assessment tool?

Let's Create!

All About Me:

Using no more than six places, create a Google Map that shows:
  1. Where you were born
  2. Where you grew up
  3. Where you live now
  4. Some of the places you have visited

Include at least
  • one picture you can use legally
  • one hyperlink
  • one text item

Additional Resources

Creative Commons
Wikimedia Commons