Google Earth


How To Resources

Navigating in Google Earth 4.2 . Gives a nice overview of basic navigation in Google Earth.
Google Earth for Educators with a helpful Getting Started Guide which we will use to familiarize ourselves with Google Earth
Google Earth Basics from the Google Earth Blog. Check out the Using Street View in Google Earth link.
Google Earth Video Tutorials
Remember to click on "View full tutorial" for each video.
Google Earth User Guide
thenetworkedlearner Google Earth tutorials
Google Lit Trip Tips
Google Earth Elementary Literature Trips by Susan F. Reeves
List of Google Earth Resources collected by Barbara Lindsey

Lets Explore!

Art Project
Google Earth Gallery
360 Cities
Visual Travel Guide
3D Cities
Sites of Ancient Rome
Art Museums 3D Tour

Let's Find!

  1. One street view
  2. One video, picture and article
  3. One 3D building while exploring:
  • a city
  • a museum
  • an historical site

Questions to prime the pump:

  1. How could we use these interactive maps to enhance our standards-based curriculum?
  2. How could we use this tool to support the learning styles and abilities of all our students?
  3. How could we use them as an assessment tool? (Hint: You can save pictures of places in Google Earth)

Let's Create!

All About Me, Part Two

Create a Google Earth Trip of your "All About Me" Map by using the 'View in Google Earth' function.
You can then use the resources below to put on the finishing touches to your Google Earth trip, focusing on
  • setting placemarker perspectives
  • creating a tour


Google Earth Video Tutorials
Remember to click on "View full tutorial" for each video
Google Earth User Guide
The networkedlearner screencast tutorials on Google Earth

Don't forget appropriate media sources!

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