Interdisciplinary Examples

Google Maps

"Greetings from..." Postcard Geography

A Google Maps Directional Activity YouTube Video by Stephan Rinke

Writing a Story in Google Maps by Silvia Tolisano

The Logistics of Creating a Current News Events Google Map by Silvia Tolisano

6 Schools—6 Countries—1 Hour by Silvia Tolisano

Collaborative Maps by Dennis Grice

Technology lessons created by TSD World Language Teachers. Several use Google Maps.

Google Earth

What can a map tell us? by Jeff Utecht

Google Earth Elementary Literature Trips by Jill Hammerick and Susan Reeves

Google Earth Lit Trips by Jerome Burg and others

Google Lit Trips: Part 1 and Part 2 of a YouTube video series on suggested uses for Google Earth for learning by Kate Reavey

Google Earth Literature Trips collected by Mr. Pearson, who teaches at Prarie Middle School in Wisconsin

The Prado in Google Earth

Google Earth Lessons, including student controlled lessons

Google Earth Outreach Showcase

Lesson Plan/Activity Ideas from the Apple Learning Interchange—Google Earth: Small World, Your World, Our World by Larry Anderson, Fabian Socarras, Robert Emery Smith, Tom Woodward and Perry McLeod. Check out the rest of the web site for additional resources.

Google Earth in the Classroom by the folks over at Infinite Thinking Machine

World Landform Tour by Ms. Tulli's Class

Charting with Google Spreadsheets by Cheryl Davis

Google Earth is our Paper—Part 1: Find a location, Begin a journey by Tom Barrett

Twenty-Four Interesting Ways and Tips to Use GE in the classroom by Tom Barrett